H810: Accessible online learning


After ‘radio silence’ on my elearning blog for almost exactly 18 months (and failing to record my thoughts in my last job) I’m dusting off the blogging keyboard and getting ready to reflect on my learning once more.

Since my post in March 2012 I’ve completed another OU postgraduate module on ‘CPD in Practice’ (U810) and I’m now on the almost final leg (hopefully) of my journey towards my masters in online and distance learning (MAODE), starting a module on supporting disabled students through providing accessible online learning. Then it’s just one more 30 credit module to complete the journey (target is completion in summer 2014).


Favourite activity – eating cake!

After a year working on a project at the University of Bath I’m now working for an organisation based in Warwick (UK) delivering training for primary care professionals (mainly nurses) caring for those with long term conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes). I’m responsible for supporting and developing the eLearning that we offer. Take a look at our website www.educationforhealth.org.

If you’re a fellow student on H810 who has dropped in on my blog, thank you for visiting and do leave a comment or let me know where I can find you online 🙂


About Mel B

Living in the English Lake District enjoying the great outdoors.
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