An update – life and elearning

Having finished my OU module in January I’ve been very quiet on the blog front. The end of the module was taken up with submitting the final assignment and portfolio of evidence which I was very glad to get finished and done with 🙂 Always a relief to see the back of it and look forward to some down time.

A lot has happened since then, my first free weekend post-assignment ended up being taken up with preparation for an interview  . . .  not quite how I’d anticipated spending my first free weekend! I had an interview at the University of Bath for a role as project officer on a flexible learning project . . . it seemed ideal as it was postgraduate which is the level I’m interested in and would offer me my first role in a Higher Education setting, so I was thrilled when I was offered the job! It feels like a work placement year for my OU studies and will really give me the opportunity to put into practice what I’ve been learning.

I’m now at the end of my third week and really enjoying it. For me it’s such a novelty working in a non-commercial environment and being on a campus is also quite a novelty with lots to do and get involved in if you want to. I’m living away from home during the week, which although not ideal is made easier with Bath being such a lovely city to be living in. Weekends are also more special as a result.

I’ll be recording some of my thoughts as I get stuck in. In the meantime I’d prepared this wurdle based on my CV . . . This strongly represents my 20+ years working in academic publishing. Following my career break I’m looking forward to seeing how much it will change, especially as I get more experience of working in an elearning role and at a university . . .

And I got my results and found I passed my module and got a much better result for my final assignment than I’d anticipated – #happy!


About Mel B

Living in the English Lake District enjoying the great outdoors.
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2 Responses to An update – life and elearning

  1. Ian Hoffman says:

    Hi Mel

    Great news about your new post congrats. Sounds like an exciting time for you. All the best.

    Ian Hoffman

    • Mel B says:

      Thanks Ian – yes, it is exciting. I’m enjoying the novelty of it all and finding time to continue my elearning reading and hopefully posts.

      How are things for you?

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