Pro-activity and collaboration (Unit 2)

Our latest two-week unit of study (Unit 2) required some collaborative activity. This proved to be a bit of a challenge for many of us . . . just trying to find the time to contribute during the one week assigned, even when it is asynchronous collaboration.

In the second week there were several activities encouraging us to discuss our thoughts in the tutor group forum. I didn’t really get to those activities until late in the week and I was surprised to find that no one had posted anything to the forums. Although we were instructed to do so, and to use some of the discussion in our summaries of the activities. Hard to draw on others’ thoughts when there aren’t any! I’ve also visited a few of the tutor groups’ blogs and haven’t found very much there either . . .

This is a bit frustrating and as I write this I wonder if I should post something into the forum. It is a useful opportunity to do some research – to ask others their reasons. . .

I’m also concerned about the need to be proactive – ‘your capacity to communicate proactively with others with whom you share an elearning context, to lead, inform, or otherwise motivate them’ (H808 Module Guide, P3). Actually, having read that I think it’s an opportunity for me to be proactive, although I don’t want to come across as hassling others!

In the context of being an elearning practitioner, this also raises the issue of how you can motivate learners to contribute, especially when the workload may seem to be heavy and so learners will prioritize their time for those things they identify as important to their own learning.  .  .

On the other hand there is also an element of group responsibility – to others in the group. It’s interesting because on my previous course H800 there was a very active forum, maybe because most of the activities required discussion in the forums and not reflections, so maybe people are concentrating on their blogs and eportfolios rather than the forums. The opposite to H800 where I hardly used my blog, even when it was prescribed, preferring to use the forum where a discussion could evolve in one location.

Right, off to the forum to post a carefully worded question to others about collaboration/communication/proactivity.


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One Response to Pro-activity and collaboration (Unit 2)

  1. Kiran says:

    Hi Mel, great blog ,very clear and I just enjoyed the visuals. Interesting thoughts about collaboration and proactivity. I think in terms of motivation you have led by example and hopefully more people will understand the importance of forums for exchanging ideas. I can only speak for myself and think that the reflective writing makes you “self-centred” but will make an effort henceforth.

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