Saving evidence of my learning (Unit 2)

Supplementary Activity 1.6: Your repository of evidence

Our course instructions in our second week described how, for the purpose of our formal assessments, we will be asked:
to select evidence from work that you have done within the module. You will therefore need to collect all your work in an organised repository of evidence.

There then followed panic at the thought of ‘organised’ and ‘repository’. . . Our online student discussion forum was buzzing with lots of suggestions for which particular online portfolio package we might want to use . . . Mahara, Pebblepad,, Dropbox, Googledocs . . . a scary amount of information and there’s me thinking ‘what’s wrong with using my hard drive’ – ever the technophobe!

Another issue, which I was keeping to myself, was that I don’t really know what an eportfolio is and what it’s really used for. . .

Interestingly, on the student discussion forum, after a high volume of postings about the available technologies, there was a lightbulb moment when someone made a great comment on ‘process vs. purpose’, in that we really were getting wrapped in the process of setting up an eportfolio and perhaps neglecting to think about the purpose of an eportfolio. Perhaps something that often happens when planning the use of technology to support learning . . . you get carried away with the technology without really keeping in mind what you’re trying to achieve.

After all the discussions and advice I have plucked up the courage and gone for trying out, as I feel I ought to try something and it sounds relatively straightforward. Of course, I also wonder whether I will still end up saving things onto my hard drive as well . . . and with another thing I’ve signed up to, only to neglect it once the course ends . . . although I am quite excited about the thought of starting my repository for lifelong learning (even if it has started a bit later in life than some!).

Time will tell 🙂


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One Response to Saving evidence of my learning (Unit 2)

  1. Heidi says:

    Putting stuff in the cloud is a big topic, feels weird when you first do it, or at least it did for me. I store most of my stuff in the cloud now (not pics or music yet though). It saved my bacon when my laptop died instantaneously a few months ago. I borrowed someone else’s laptop and was up and running within half an hour. No data lost.

    Google is also definitely something to look into if you have a google account – their google docs is coming on leaps and bounds – and also includes spreadsheets, and powerpoints presentations to name a few. Some of the formatting is a bit basic still but it’s great for access.

    Hadn’t heard about, or Mahara – will give it a look thanks.
    Loving this blog!

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